The Hip Hop United PAC (HHUPAC) is a Political Action Committee designed to use Hip Hop style mediums to

educate, reach, and appeal to the non-traditional voter as well as to endorse candidates who support the New

American Initiative. 

Founded by members of the Hip Hop Union as an initiative under the Social Services of Hip Hop Inc., Hip Hop

United promotes civic responsibility, leadership, and economic development amongst Hip Hop Citizens.


Hip Hop Citizens are a diverse group that transcend all racial, religious and age based boundaries.


They are individuals who subscribe to the idea that the Hip Hop Culture is more than simply musical expression. The PAC advocates for and endorses candidates who support small business development and transformational entrepreneurship.

Hip Hop United will serve as an intermediary to PACs and other organizations who need help developing and

delivering effective messages to the Hip Hop demographic. We will encourage the participation of the Urban Hip

Hop Community through exciting edutainment activities aimed at creating momentum prior to the primaries and

polling days. Hip Hop United will also build campaigns, run advertisements, coordinate fundraising activities for or

against candidates, and highlight issues relevant to Hip Hop Citizens.

Many citizens of the Hip Hop Community feel disillusioned and disempowered when it comes to the political

process; therefore Hip Hop United will use its collective strength to translate the legislative process into terms that

are palpable and form effective bridges of communication amongst constituents. This platform will allow candidates

to inform citizens where they stand on issues important to Hip Hop Citizens and entrepreneurs. Once the

community truly understands how significantly they can affect their own quality of life by participating in the

electoral process, they will pay attention and take advantage of the benefits


We are seeking a unique partnerships to expand our reach and to connect with our targeted audience of Hip Hop

entrepreneurs and potential voters. Our focus is to continue to secure funding through new relationships, campaigns and activities

and to maintain a partnership with you throughout the duration of these projects.


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